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Our unique process route (Electric Arc Furnace --> Ladle Refining --->Continuous Casting Machine ) ensures complete cleanliness of steel with close control of chemistry.  The major part of it goes for the captive consumption of rolling mill for re-bar production.


The following steel grades are made:

Standard:         GOST 380:2005   

Grade/Class:    ST3KP/ST3SP/ST3PS/ST4KP/ST4PS/ST4SP 


The  internal standards of chemistry are maintained in  such a way that it encompasses following re-bar standards/ grades:

BS4449:2005 GRADE B500B 
BS4449:2005 GRADE B500C
EN10080:2010 GRADE B500B
DIN 488-2:2009-08  GRADE B500B
ASTM A615/615M  GRADE 60 
GOST R52544 :2006  GRADE A500C 
GOST 10884:94  At500C
GOST 10884:94  At500C
DSTU 3760 :06   A500C
TS708 :2010   B420C
TS708 :2010   B420B
TS708 :2010   S420
IS 1786:2008 Fe500
IS 1786:2008 Fe500D


The billet Size is  130x130 mm2   and the standard length is 6.0 meter . In case of a special requirement, billet length can vary between 4 meter to 6 meter.

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