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Steel Melting

  • "VIRGIN ROUTE" materials like HBI and/or DRI used as input raw materials along with scrap in Electric Arc Furnace (EAF) for better control of  Chemistry.
  • Steel Melting Shop (SMS) is equipped with Electric Arc Furnace (EAF), Ladle Refining furnace (LRF) and Continuos Casting Machine (CCM).
  • HBI and/or DRI are melted in EAF with the help of electric arc and oxy-fuel burner. After melting, due to severe oxygen lancing Phousporous is  removed which is one of the most detrimental elements in steel and 1st  stage of refining strats from here.
  • Since, it is an EBT (Ecentric Bottom Tapping) system, slag free tapping is done and the liquid metal is sent to LRF for secondary refining ( Double Refining )
  • In LRF with the help of dexoidizers oxygen is removed from liquid steel, ferro alloys and flux are added to ensure desired chemistry of steel and another detrimental element that is, Sulphur removed from steel. 
  • With the help of inert Argon gas purging the liquid steel is homogenized and the steel is made ultra clean. After processing in LRF liquid metal ladle is sent to CCM for final casting of billets.
  • In CCM ultra clean, homogenized steel castd into billets which is sent to rolling mill to produce rebar.


Electric Arc Furnace

  • 35 MT capacity with eccentric bottom tapping
  • Transformer capacity – 20 MVA
  • Door and side wall mounted
  • Oxygen injection System
  • Carbon Injector
  • Temperature measurement & sampling

Ladle Refining Furnace

  • 40 MT capacity
  • Transformer capacity – 6.5 MVA
  • Continuous argon purging system
  • Wire feeding capability

Latest Air Pollution Control System [Fume Extraction System]

  • Induced draft fan type
  • Flow rate – 480,000 cubic meter / hour
  • Filtration Area – 7,000 square meters
  • Exhausted concentration - < 50 mg / Nm3

Billet Caster

  • "C" Type twin strand caster
  • Casting radius – 6/12 meters
  • Tundish capacity – 5 metric tons
  • Granular casting powder
  • Secondary cooling – PLC controlled
  • Casting sizes – 130 x 130 mm

Rolling Mill

  • Billets are reheated in a gas fired pusher type furnace for heating, soaking and feeding to rolling stands to produce rebar.
  • Reinforcement bars produced through fully automated Italian Rolling Mill.
  • Capable of rolling full size range of reinforcing bars as per Customer needs
  • For detailed size and grade/class please go through "GEOSTEEL PRODUCT CATALOGUE".
  • Advanced bar counting & tying system ensuring same number of bars in each bundle for a particular size and bundle weight
  • Due to very high quality billets and state of the art Italian technology rolling mill with thermax "QST" ( QUENCHING & SELF TEMPERED ) process, all chemical, mechanical & metallurgical properties are guaranteed

Rolling Mill

  • 575 Dia three high roughing mill from Italy
  • 15 stands continuous mill from Italy
  • Mill speed – 12.5 meters / min
  • 35 metric ton / hour gas fired pusher type re-heating furnace Inline hot shears from Italy
  • Inline thermo-mechanical treatment for rebars from Italy
  • Turn over cooling bed from Italy
  • Cold shear from Italy
  • Online bundling and weighing from Italy
  • Sizes from 8 mm – 32 mm

Air Separation Plant

  • Cryogenic air separation plant
  • Oxygen production capacity – 1500 N. cubic meter / hour at 99.6% purity
  • Nitrogen production capacity – 1200 N. cubic meter / hour at < 100 PPM
  • Argon production capacity – 30 N. cubic meter / hour at 99.999% purity


Mechanical Workshop

Fully accomplished machine shop with fabrication, machining and gear cutting facility

  • Plate bending / rolling machine up to 16 mm
  • Plate straightening machine up to 25 mm thickness plates
  • Conventional lathe machines
  • Horizontal and vertical milling machines
  • Cylindrical and surface grinders
  • Gear cutting machines and indexing devices
  • Vertical lathe machine

Other Facilities

  • EOT cranes from 3 – 75 metric tons
  • Goliath cranes up to 16 metric tons
  • Electronic weigh bridges up to 80 - metric tons 50 metric tons mobile cranes
  • Geosteel has its own railway sidings at various locations for exporting finished goods
  • Fully accomplished mechanical shop for all kinds of fabrication and machined components

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