GeoSeteel LLC
GeoSeteel LLCGeoSeteel LLC
GeoSeteel LLCGeoSeteel LLC
GeoSeteel LLCGeoSeteel LLC
GeoSeteel LLCGeoSeteel LLC
  • The First UK Cares & TSE Accredited Company In The Caucasus Region

  • Name You Can Trust

  • Building Georgia Together

  • You Build, We Provide Strength

  • Caucasus Strength in GeoSteel

  • We Give Strength to Your Dreams

Who we are

GeoSteel LLC is one of the largest direct foreign industrial investments in Georgia. It is a joint venture of JSW Steel Netherlands BV (wholly owned by JSW, India) and Georgian Steel Group Holding Ltd (GSGHL). JSW is a trusted name in the Global steel manufacturing having interests in mining, energy, cement, infrastructure, building-systems and logistics.

GeoSteel has enhanced the ability of customers by sourcing reinforcement bars locally, thus increasing their efficiency. Furthermore, it has taken an initiative to rejuvenate Georgia`s metallurgical industry and boost its economy by using its local scrap metal for the production of construction materials. We aspire to be the industry leader in whole Caucasian region.

The state of the art technology in the form of completely automated oxygen plant, electric arc furnace, ladle refining facilities, continuous caster machine, modern laboratory facilities, and precision control rolling mill has enabled the company to provide construction materials for many important projects such as the Parliament of Georgia in Kutaisi.


Our Projects

What we have done






The majority of our projects are built with “Geosteel” LLC re-bars. Our choice is defined by a cluster of several criteria, such as Quality, Cost, Delivery and Service. Our collaboration is always smooth and uninterrupted. As the re-bar quality, the data, presented in the “Geosteel” LLC certificates, confirms with our test results and fully satisfies to our requirements.

Paul Shuler and Irao Group

"Just as in the completed projects, in the undergoing ones we use re-bars of only LLC “Geosteel.” We have tested quality of the re-bars yet at the beginning of our cooperation and test results overcame our expectations. Out of the products, existing on the market, we choose product of “Geosteel” LLC. Also, our choice is guided by stable and reliable image of the company."

Davit Topuria
Magi style (Meno International)

"We are systematically collaborating with “Geosteel” LLC and quite long period, it is our only supplier. This fact is defined by many factors, in particular, acceptable price, prompt service and flexibility, though the main accent is, of course, on the quality of re-bars. As far as we are involved into bridge-construction, at the receipt of each new shipment we carry out testing of the products quality and so far there werent any problems."

Jimi Mamaladze

"Currently we are collaborating only with the “Geosteel” LLC, while making this choice we were guided by reliability of the product. We have personally tested these re-bars and the result satisfied our requirements perfectly."

Zura Kiknadze
Zimo Ltd

"When choosing LLC “Geosteel” re-bars, the crucial point is quality of the product. We have carried out independent testing and the results correspond with the data, stated in their certificates."

George Khalbakhiani

"Our company is executing many construction projects, for which we use product of only “Geosteel” LLC, as far as we are building mainly multistoried buildings and pay much attention to the quality. We have sent samples for testing to Germany several times and the experts conclusion always meet our requirements."

Irakli Kvergelidze
Orbi Group

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